.Journey to the Akashics: 2 CD Packaged Set

Working with the Akashic Records, shifting consciousness, energy healing...it all can feel rather magical. The truth is this. You are the magic. The true magic, knowledge, guidance, healing, lies within. In the first CD, Journey to the Akashics, you are taught to activate the higher levels of your consciousness, tune into the Akashic Records and become the magic! 48 min. In the second CD, Return to Innocence, you are carried into the heart of God to find and retrieve the original blueprints for your perfect self-creation. Create shifts in your DNA, your consciousness and your innate knowingness of your original perfection, beauty and innocence. 59 min. Visit www.pamelaarwine.com for additional information.
.Journey to the Akashics:  2 CD Packaged Set
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